My name is Katie Eve. Wife, Award Winning Professional Makeup Artist for over 10 years, and owner & creator of Klaws by Katie Eve, recently featured in British Vogue.
Throughout 2021, I wanted to against the idea of limiting myself with what I can do, what I can achieve and simultaneously explore my own personal style, and I want you to feel like you can do the same too.
I wanted to create a brand that I felt was missing from the current market, something that fits in with my own elegant goth style and aesthetic.
Whilst shopping online, I found that most places with a goth aesthetic had products that felt quite childlike, and this is something that I wanted to steer away from and add that bit of luxury that you may not normally get.


Self care is a HUGE part of KBKE Modern Luxury. As someone who has suffered with depression and anxiety, self care is often something I find hard to prioritise. Through my brand, I aim to make self care something that's easy to accomplish, with all products adding benefits to parts of your life that you may have unwillingly neglected.

We have covered everything from skincare, fashion, home decor, home fragrance and we even have self care packages that are perfect for you, or a loved one who needs some me time. All products are designed to last a long time, help you feel more like yourself and to make the space around you feel more modern and less overwhelmingly busy.

Simplicity, minimalism & self care are at the heart of Modern Luxury, adding opulence to your life that you truly deserve.



I have made a conscious decision to sell items that I know have eco-friendly standards. All products are vegan & cruelty free and all orders are sent in 100% eco-friendly packaging, always.
I hope this brand allows you to explore your own personal style and gives you the opportunity to shop more sustainably.
I can't wait to go on this journey with you.
Katie x