Hey all! We are SO excited to tell you, we have won our first award! 

We were nominated for the Handmade Business of the Year at the Snazz Magazine 2022 awards where we are delighted to tell you that we came first place! 

So much love, time and energy goes into Klaws by Katie Eve, and after building up this business for just over 2 years now, recieving this award honeslty means everything.

We really couldnt have done it without you, at ALL, so thank you all, even if you haven't bought anything but you have shared our posts or showed someone our website, it really means a lot and we appreciate it immensly!

Here's what they had to say about Klaws by Katie Eve:

"Klaws by Katie Eve really stood out to me because not only is she filling a gap in the market that definitely exists because she noticed it herself and decided to step into it which I think is real leadership, but also you could just tell that the customer journey had been really thought out. Not only are the products themselves handmade and lots of effort and time and love goes into each product, but it also felt like other aspects of the journey were really thought out as well. So the Instagram account for example looks like a piece of art, just scrolling through it feels really special and you can just tell how much love and energy goes into every aspect of that business. A lot of people focus on the product itself but neglect some of the other areas, but you could just tell that with this business she had thought through every single part of that journey so that it felt special from the moment you found the Instagram account to the moment you put your nails on."