Do you struggle with applying your press on nails? You're not the only one, so I am here today to talk you through the key steps on how to apply your Klaws and get them looking and lasting as long as they would do if you got them done in a salon! 

If you prefer to watch a demonstration on how to apply press-on nails you can view my tutorial here


Let me start off by saying that when you apply your Klaws, prep is KEY. It truly makes such a difference on your nails lasting 2-3 days or lasting 2-3 weeks! With your Klaws you will recieve a nail care kit consisting of a nail file, a nail buffer, a cleansing wipe and a cuticle pusher.

First of all you will need to clean your natural nails. We sell a nail brush here, and once the nails are cleaned make sure to dry them properly so you can start with the prep. When starting your nail prep you want to first use the cuticle pusher to push down any cuticle skin and any skin on the side that is encroaching on your natural nail. If you know how to use a cuticle nipper then do this too, but pushing them down is fine on it's own! 

Next it's time to file down your natural nail. I get asked a lot if you can keep your natural nail length underneath your nails and the answer is - yes, but depending on the shape you ideally want to file the sides a little bit so they aren't visible past the press-ons. I have found the best shape to file them down to is a short round shape.

The next step is to buff your nails. This part is crucial as you want to create a rough enough base for the press-on nails to adhere to. TOP TIP! You can also buff the inside of your Klaws to ensure extra adhesion. Finish this step by brushing off any dust caused by the buffing.

Now use the cleansing wipe provided to cleanse and dehydrate your nails. This step will also help get rid of the last bits of dust around your nails. Once you have cleansed your nail, do not touch or rub your nail anymore as to avoid putting extra oils onto your nails which may affect the adhesion.


Now it's time to apply your nails! Even when taking your time with this step, it will only take you a fraction of time compared to getting it done in a salon. One tip that I have is double check the angle in which you are applying your nails, especially if you're like me and have a wonky index finger nail!

If applying with glue: Take some of the glue and apply it to both your nail and the press-on nail (I would advise applying it to the inside of the press-on nail first to avoid the glue on your natural nail running down to your skin). Now begin to press the nail into the cuticle (at a 45 degree angle) from the bottom upwards to avoid any bubbles in the glue. Press and hold the nail for 15 seconds.

If applying with nail adhesive tabs: For tabs you will still need to do the same nail prep. Take a tab that is the appropriate size for the nail you will be applying and press it into the bottom of the nail. Peel off the cover to reveal the sticky side, and press & hold this on to your nail for 15 seconds. Tabs are great for things such as photoshoots/one day events, but they may not last longer than 2 days.


Caring for your nails is also super important - remember your nails are jewels, not tools! 

After you have applied your nails, avoid getting them wet or oily for up to 2 hours after - 30 mins is usually fine but anything up to 2 hours just to be extra safe! This will help all the adhesive to fully dry and prevent any water from getting underneath your nails which can cause mould and other nasties. 

For the next couple of weeks when you have your nails on take care of them as you would your salon nails i.e. try and avoid using them, putting any weight on them, using them to open boxes or cans etc. You will also need to keep them as clean as you can using a gentle nail brush underneath your nails and if you have any gems or accents on your nails it's best to clean around those too!

Remember, all of our press-on nails are reusable, so even after the 2-3 weeks that you've had them on, you can simply remove them, file off the excess glue and pop them back on!

I hope this helped, and if you ever have any queries or are ever struggling to apply your nails, I'm only an email away -

Thank you all so much for reading and I can't wait to see you in your new favourite Klaws!