Smoky eye makeup is a staple for those like me with an alternative style. There are many ways to do a smoky eye, from natural looks to bold dramatic looks, but today I am here to show you how I created this black smoky eye, with a hint of glitter.

STEP 1: Use an eyeshadow primer.

Whether you usually use eye primers or not, using an eye primer that is slightly deeper than your natural skin tone is a sure way to get the dark shadows to blend seamlessly. Here I am using the Revolution Ultimate Eye Base in the shade Medium, but if you wanted to use a concealer that's slightly deeper than your skin tone (perhaps one you use for contour) that's absolutely fine, too!
I apply this with a synthetic fluffy brush, and blend it above and outwards from my eyelid. Remember, there is no wrong way to do this, so if you can't get it perfect do not stress.

STEP 2: Start adding the black shadow.

I am using the shade 'Sabbath' from the Sorceress Palette to start with. I apply this directly on the eyelid using a dense fluffy brush. Using a black eyeshadow can be daunting, but I promise you that with the slightly darker base underneath, it makes it so much easier!
Keep packing on the shadow on the eyelid until you're happy with the coverage.

STEP 3: Blend, blend, blend!

Remove the excess from the brush you used to apply the Sabbath shadow, and use the same brush to lightly go in circular motions and blend the shadow upwards. From here, you can begin to create the shape that you want from the eyeshadow. I chose to have a circular shape around my eye, but you can wing it out at this step to if you like, simply by extending the blend further outwards.
Remember to be as light handed as possible when you blend, and blend smaller than you would like and build it up from there.

STEP 4: Glitter!

This section is completely optional, but personally I adore the pressed glitters in the Sorceress palette and believe they can help add more depth to the look.
Firstly, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills glitter adhesive. This is the best one in my opinion, as it feels super light on the eye and keeps the glitter on the whole day.
You can apply this with the brush directly, or I like to brush it on a clean synthetic flat brush, and then tap it on top of the eyelid eyeshadow. This way, I get an even coverage, and I don't contaminate the brush.
After about 10-30 seconds the adhesive will go tacky, which is the best time to apply the glitter. Using the same flat brush, pick up some of the 'Nancy' glitter from the Sorceress Palette (less is more, so you don't need to pick up too much!) and gently press it on top of the adhesive. Keep building this up as you please.

STEP 5: Under the eye.

For under the eye, you don't want to do a whole lot to be able to achieve this look. The key points are to keep the shadow as close to the lash line as possible, and try to minimise how far below your eye you blend it out. 
I first like to start with a pencil eyeliner. I personally like to use the Sleek Makeup Lifeproof eyeliner in the waterline, as it stays on all day without fading.
Once this is applied, I take a small round brush and dip in to the Sabbath colour again, and using very light back and forth motions to blend this underneath my eye, and pressing it on any eyeliner that has gone outside my waterline.

STEP 6: Brow highlight!

This is SUCH an underrated step in creating a really impactful eye look. For me, it really makes the whole eye look pop, and if you use the same highlighter as you do for your cheeks, it brings the whole look together. 
I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Snowflake Loose Highlighter, and using a clean small brush to press it onto my brow bone, underneath my eyebrows.
I also press this highlighter on the inner corner of my eye.

STEP 7: The final step - lashes!

From natural looks to bold looks, a lash always elevates the look. Here I am using the Lolas Lashes in the style Ruby, and applying them closely to my lash line. If you would like a more in depth tutorial on how to apply lashes, then do let me know and I will be happy to do this for you!

And that's it - the perfect black smoky eye!

Remember as with all makeup, there is no wrong way to do it! As long as you're not being offensive to others, go ahead and explore your creativity. This makeup is just a base for any black smoky eye look, and you can embellish it how you wish.
I hope you had lots of fun creating this eye look - I know I did! I have created a short video tutorial here where you can see exactly how I blend the shadow to create this look.
If there are any other looks you would like an in depth tutorial on, please feel free to give me an email on info@kbkemodernluxury.com!

Katie Eve x